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I welcome your comments anytime. Comments will not appear right away and will need to moderated before appearing publicly. The reason for this is simple; it safeguards against spam in the comments which often contain links to questionable websites. I have pretty good filters in place and they catch about 98% of the spam as far as I can tell. However one occasionally gets through. If you include a link in your comment it will automatically get flagged as spam. I go through the spam comments regularly and if yours was misidentified I will unspam it and allow it to be posted.

For the most part, your comments will be posted as is. The exception to that is if the comment is riddled with typos and spelling errors, foul language, or is just too difficult to understand. I will try to contact the person commenting if possible but will otherwise correct spelling, censor naughty words and clarify where needed with a [parenthetical] statement.

General Decorum

I understand and expect that there are other opinions out there other than the opinion of the post authors. I only ask that you maintain a certain level of decorum and propriety in your comments. I tend to be tolerant of dissenting opinions and have yet to censor of block anyone from commenting. While I do not intend to censor anyone’s opinion I may at some point need to block  or ban someone if they become abusive. Again, I have never had to do this and I hope not to- but I also want to reserve that right if it comes down to it.

Attribution Policy

Attribution procedures for fall into two categories:

  1. Original Posts: All of my early posts and some of the newer ones are my own writing. If you wish to repost them on another site you are free to do so as long as you attribute and link back to the original article. And example would be : This article was originally published on Used with permission.
  2. Posts that I link to and were written by someone else: Most of the recent posts here are not my own. I may offer a short blurb or opinion, but will link back to the original author in most cases for you to read on their site. The exception is if an author has granted explicit permission for me to post the entire piece and I feel it is worth reproducing an entire article here. If I am not the original author of an article or post then I will make it clear in my own post. If you wish to repost their article on your site, you must receive permission from the original author before you do so. I cannot grant permission to you and the permission granted to me does not extend beyond myself.

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